Our Innovative Solutions Empower the Insurance Industry to Master Digitalization.

Syncier Marketplace is an open platform to discover, integrate and monetize APIs for the insurance industry.

Consume APIs from the Marketplace to Develop Your Solutions

Consume 3rd party services to build up and enhance your digital business functionalities. Accelerate the modernization and creation of new digital assets. Stay in full control over your IT through our integrated identity and access management, simple consumption and invoice overview and a full service lifecycle management.

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Expose and Monetize Your APIs to the Rest of the World

Offer and expose your services to the world through our service catalogue. Monetize your services with our highly flexible contracting and billing management. Control service usage with statistics and patterns provided by our management dashboards.

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Manage and Spread Your APIs in Your Organization

Simplify the discovery and the integration of APIs by internal developers and business owners. Accelerate partnerships and build up your own ecosystem by offering your own service catalouge, as well as a full developer portal for your partners.

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But We Can Do Even More for You and Your Business!

Get ready for the API Economy and craft an API Strategy in close cooperation with us. Build new platforms and enable new business models with new partners.

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